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Artist Statement

I believe that our senses are the portals through which the world penetrates our bodies and becomes embedded in our consciousness and in our very cells (our "selves"), challenging the notion that we are somehow separate or distinct from all that surrounds us.

We have become a primarily visual culture, at the expense of our ears. We are astonishingly adept at filtering out most sounds, which means that a great deal of important and potentially beautiful information and experience is being ignored. Attending to the sounds of our environment (and I mean that in the larger sense, beyond simply "nature") can tell us something crucial about where we are, how we live, what kind of a world we are creating.

I hope my work can encourage a more expansive and inclusive form of listening, which is ultimately a metaphor for paying attention. As we open our ears, our other senses become more acute as well, allowing us to become more present in our lives, and to make a deeper connection with Place. If that personal connection is made, greater caring and concern become possible, perhaps with the result that we'll learn to take better care of the places we inhabit.

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