Environmental Art at the Dawn of the 21st Century:
AMD&ART, Kathleen Rogers, Rapid Response

“In our present situation, reconnecting art with life and with the natural environment is a matter of absolute priority. We have the freedom to choose other courses, but for each of us at the present time, this is the biggest challenge to our creativity in the deepest sense of the term.”
-Suzi Gablik

Curated by Sam Bower (greenmuseum.org)
Rapid Response
Amd and Art
Rapid Response Kathleen Rogers
Amd and Art
Kathleen Rogers
We are proud to present the work of three contemporary artists whose artwork helps shed light on just a few of the exciting directions in the field of environmental art. Ancient worldviews and iconography, Land Art and Earth Art from the 1960’s and 70’s and modern-day environmental concerns fuse together in this unique exhibition.

Of the three artists featured, two of them have group names (AMD&ART and Rapid Response) and all three of them involve experts from a variety of disciplines in their work. How are life and matter interconnected? What common issues unite us?
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