Tim Collins &
  Reiko Goto
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Aachen Water Mark , 1999, Aachen, Germany

On the streets of Aachen and on the Ludwig Museum walls, symbols and images representing: a dialogue with the citizens of Aachen; a golden line marking the ancient streambeds of the inner city which supplied drinking water in former times. Today they are canalized and covered. A natural intervention using native willows and wetland plants in three city fountains the willow is opposed by a cultural artifact, a fountain in the urban landscape.

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 Students are planting native willows grown in the fountains of Aachen over the summer. The planting project is part of a stream bank restoration of the Wurm River, a project planned by Dr. Manfred Vigener of Okologie Aachen. The work of gathering the plants from the fountains and preparing them for transplanting was part of the exhibition and deinstallation plan developed between Reiko Goto and Heike Strelow. Heike, took full responsibility for the replanting of the living elements of the exhibition! She worked with Dr. Vigener to define the project then organized school groups to help with the replanting.