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Prima Lingua , 1996

A sculpture that functions ecologically as well as aesthetically. It is a biogeochemical system, which like other natural systems has the capacity to turn waste and pollutants into nourishment, cleansing the air and purifying the water in the process. Prima Lingua means first language, or first tongue. It is a moss covered tongue shaped piece of volcanic rock drooping over a pool of water where fish and plants grow, water seeps down the surface of the tongue across the living moss, then drips into the pool, then it is pumped upward begining the process again. It is literally licking the polluted water it stands in. Designed with the help of biologists it acts as a natural pollution filter, and as a microcosm of a watershed illustrating the links between water quality and living things. The biosculpture is a prototype that can be modified to function at different scales and in different contexts - at a smaller scale to clean household wastewater and at larger scales to filter agricultural runoff before it enters streams and rivers.

Prima Lingua Detail , 1996

I'm You , 2000

This sculpture works in a similar fashion to Prima Lingua, but this time the shapes are based on microscopic structures at the center of the leaves of most moss species. Water misters periodically spray on the sculptures, then the water drips down into the pool with water plants and fish which in turn enhance the functioning of the whole system.

I'm You Detail , 2000