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Tree Mountain - A Living Time Capsule - 11,000 Trees - 11,000 People - 400 Years

A massive earthwork and man made mountain, land reclamation project planted with 11,000 trees according to an intricate mathematical pattern derived from a combination of the golden section and sunflower/pineapple pattern designed by the artist. Measuring 420 meters long, 270 meters wide, 28 meters high and oval in shape it was planted in June 1996 in Ylöjärvi, Finland, where people from around the world were invited to plant a tree which bears their name and those of their respective heirs and descendants for the next 400 years. Tree Mountain is international in scope and unparalleled in duration. It is an undertaking dedicated to benefit future generations with a meaningful legacy.

Wheatfield - A Confrontation , Battery Park Landfill, 1982

View of the harvest of 2 acres of planted wheat. The Wheatfield project was a beautiful golden field of wheat set among the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan. In Wheatfield, Denes examined the natural cycles of growth and regeneration. She constructed the wheatfield on a landfill near the World Trade Center where volunteers helped her remove trash from the 4 acres of land, spread 225 truckloads of topsoil, and plant 1.8 acres of wheat. An irrigation system was installed to sustain and, regulate the wheat's growth cycle over four months. In the late fall, the artist harvested a thousand pounds of the grain. After harvesting, the hay was fed to the horses stabled by the New York City Police department. The ecological cycle was thereby complete.