Platform London - Unravelling The Carbon Web

Platform London - Unravelling The Carbon Web

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Unravelling the Carbon Web' is a project within PLATFORM's long term initiative, 90% CRUDE. Like all PLATFORM's work it is driven by a commitment to social and ecological justice, and is carried out in an interdisciplinary manner, combining the skills of research and analysis, creative writing and performance, listening and dialogue. For more information about the wide range of other work by PLATFORM please visit the PLATFORM website.

The project works to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, to help citizens gain a say in decisions that affect them, and to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.

Its aim is that those affected by oil and gas corporations' operations, and civil society as a whole, is democratically empowered to influence, and ultimately transform, those corporations.

Its approach centres on the 'Carbon Web', the complex network of institutions that make up the oil and gas industry, and the role each institution may play in activities that adversely effect people and the environment. The 'Unravelling the Carbon Web'project began in March 2000, although its roots lie in the Crude Operators conference - a gathering to understand and challenge the oil industry - organised by PLATFORM and Corporate Watch in May 1997.

Platform London  Unravelling The Carbon Web

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For over 20 years, PLATFORM has been bringing together environmentalists, artists, human rights campaigners, educationalists and community activists to create innovative projects driven by the need for social and environmental justice. This interdisciplinary approach combines the transformatory power of art with the tangible goals of campaigning, the rigour of in-depth research with the vision to promote alternative futures. Since 1996, our work has focussed on the impact on our minds, our bodies, our society and our environment of that most potent of modern phenomena - the transnational corporation. From the polluting of the air that we breathe, to the altering of the earth's climate, from the destruction of indigenous cultures to the demise of our town centres, transnationals are shaping our lives with unprecedented power. Unravelling the Carbon Web: Mika Minio-Paluello, Benjamin Diss, Ewa Jasiewicz