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Art & Ecology

Art & Ecology:

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Curriculum

Welcome to Art & Ecology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Curriculum. This elearning space was originally published in 1997 on ArtsEdNet with support from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts and the J. Paul Getty Trust. We are pleased to present this through the generous cooperation of Dr. Don H.Krug and participating guest educators, art educators, artists, and scientists as part of our Toolbox for Educators.

Art & Ecology is both a set of resources for teachers and an online exhibition of contemporary ecological art. Selected readings cover a range of books for students and teachers on a variety of environmental,social, and cultural issues and from different subject areas. Each of the main sections below investigates artistic orientations, artworks, and community and/or global issues along with historic, critical, and aesthetic dimensions of art education, ecology, and interdisciplinary approaches to developing comprehensive DBAE curricula.

Photoessays: Art and the Earth

Six photoessays examine ideas about art, interdependency, and community. These essays cover historical information associated with national and global issues connected to art and ecology.

Perspectives and Issues

Each of four sections--Environmental Design, Ecological Design, Social Ecology, and Ecological Restoration-- examines broad philosophical perspectives artists use to produce contemporary ecological art.

Curriculum Integration

Here you will find guidelines and teacher stories about integrating art and ecology in the classroom.


Here you will find links to Web sites around the world related to art and ecology.


 Selected Readings for Students

Selected Readings for Teachers 

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