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About Us

This online museum emerged from our own experiences making environmental art and from seeing firsthand some of the challenges facing artists, community groups, nonprofit organizations and arts institutions when it came to presenting and discussing environmental art.

More than a museum, we see as a giant collaborative art-making tool. We hope you find it useful, friendly and easy to navigate. If you have any information you'd like us to know about or publish please let us know. Thank you!

Staff (We are a 100% volunteer-based organization)

Sam Bower, Executive Director, sam at
Anne Veh, Managing Director, anne at
Yolanda de Zuloaga, Director of International Partnerships, yolanda at
Moe Beitiks, Blog Editor, moe at
Tyler Johnson, Technical Officer, tyler at

Board of Directors

Henry Corning, President
Sam Bower, Secretary, Treasurer
Glen Sherman, Musician, Contractor
Christina Desser, Environmentalist, consultant
Tyler Johnson, Technologist
Jill Jacobs, Development

Board of Advisors

Clive Adams, Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (UK)
T. Allan Comp, Artist, Founder AMD&ART
Georg Dietzler, Artist, Curator, Consultant
Newton Harrison, Artist, Professor Emeritus UCSD
Huey Johnson, Resource Renewal Institute
Bonnie Levinson, Development Consultant
Laurie Lundquist, Artist, Landscaper
Jenée Misraje, Arts Administration, curator
Kathryn Reasoner, Headlands Center for the Arts

Curatorial Board

Clive Adams, UK
Suzi Gablik, USA
Yongwoo Lee, South Korea
Heike Strelow, Germany

Web Design

Sam Bower, Tyler Johnson


Michael Schwab (

Special Thanks

Ian Garrett, CSPA, blog support
Vincent Colabianchi, Accounting
Melissa Breach, Development Consulting
Nipun and Guri Mehta, Richard Whittaker and the folks at Charity Focus, Inspiration
Michael Schwab Studios
Amber Bieg,
Jesse Block,


WATERSHED ($500 - $999)

  • Mary Jo Aagerstoun
  • Christina Desser
  • Barbara Roux
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Mark Donahue
  • Michael Singer
  • Anne-Katrin Spiess
  • LLRS Foundation
  • Willco Art & Design, Inc.

    BIOREGION ($1,000 - $9,999)

  • Anonymous
  • Edward R. Bower
  • The Fred Gellert Family Foundation
  • Tides Foundation, Constellation Fund
  • The Ruth and Alfred Heller Foundation
  • The Nathan Cummings Foundation, on behalf of Sonia Simon Cummings
  • Linda Crafts
  • Saybrook Graduate School
  • Matthew Heim
  • John S. Livermore
  • Don Bushnell
  • Camille Harris
  • Charles N. Seashore

    $10,000+ GAIA (Founder's Circle)

  • Henry H. Corning
  • Columbia Foundation
  • Christensen Foundation
  • Daniel Langlois Foundation
  • Springcreek Foundation
  • Expansion Capital Partners
  • LEF Foundation
  • Glen Sherman
  • Lorna Stevens and Doug Smith

    A big THANK YOU also to the many artists and supporters who have made smaller (but very welcome and appreciated) donations to We rely on all of your contributions to stay online. Thank you so much. You know who you are!

    (Join this list of supporters by becoming a Member!)

    And the many environmental artists and visionaries who helped develop the concept and have made this all possible.

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